Starkey SurfLink Microphone 2

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Surflink Microphone 2 Compatibility

This hearing aid accessory is compatible with:

Starkey Muse IQ Hearing Aids

Surflink Microphone 2 Features

The SurfLink Remote Microphone 2 is designed to seamlessly stream audio from your remote microphone to Starkey 900MHz wireless hearing instruments. The microphone can be worn by someone across the table at a restaurant, by a distant speaker at a lecture or simply set on a table to pick up nearby sounds better. It can affixed to the clothing or worn with a lanyard

Focus Mode

With focus mode, the microphone focuses on sound coming from the speakers mouth (directly above mic while worn with lanyard), while reducing sound from other directions. This decreases the signal-to-noise ratio, which can help you hear more clearly in noisy environments. 

Surround Mode

When placed horizontally with it's clip, the mic will collect sound from all directions. This is particularly useful with a group at a table and the hearing aid wearer would like to improve the sound quality from multiple sources.  

Microphone Controls


See more by visiting the Starkey Remote Microphone User Manual

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