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There are two newer products in the Starkey product lineup. Starkey Halo 2 was replaced by the Starkey Halo IQ in 2017 and in 2018 the Starkey Livio was launched. 

Starkey Hearing Technologies is an American company started over 50 years ago in Minnesota.  The company was the first to introduce a 30-day free trial and one-year total coverage warranty.  In 1983, Starkey famously fit President Ronald Reagan with hearing aids which lead to a marked increase in hearing aid acceptance. The Starkey Hearing Foundation launched in 1984 distributing at little or no cost to people in need of hearing aids.  The company currently holds 826 international patents with over 5000 staff worldwide.  

The Starkey Halo 2 combines a sleek case within the Made for iPhone (MFI) Hearing Aid.  Allowing you to link to an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Apple watch, enabling pristine streaming of conversations, music and videos.  Using the new processing power that is 5 x faster than before the device delivers natural sounds with automatic adjustments to music and noisy environments.

The Halo2 runs on the Synergy Platform released by Starkey in 2016. It uses an extended bandwith out to 10 kHz with sound imaging captured at either 24, 20 or 16 unique channels (bands). These are labeled as i2400, i2000 or i1600 respectively. The Synergy  features also include Speech Compression ( clarity and comfort), 2.4 GHz Wireless Technology through TruLink and Ear-to-Ear wind, noise and music management. From the tiny standard gain receiver to the first custom embedded power receiver, Starkey creates great flexibility for fitting different levels.  

The device is also controlled from an Android or iPhone using the TruLink app.  A favorite feature found in the app is Geotagging which detects a preferred setting based on your location.  The Trulink app provides for minor adjustments by you with the SoundSpace tool.

For those suffering with tinnitus (a ringing in the ears), Starkey includes the MultiFlex Tinnitus Technology.  By allowing you to customize different comforting sound, the irritating noises are lessened.  In addition to the internal features, Starkey’s Relax App is available to all for download onto SmartPhones.  

Physically the Halo2 is easy to wear and maintain.  Debris and moisture that collect inside the sound speaker are easily removed with Hear Clear wax guards.  The microphone filtering system cleans easily with a small brush.  Overall the device stays clean due to the HydraShield nano-coating that prevents oils, dirt and moisture from clinging to the outside of the casing.  The Halo2 comes in two body styles.  A slimmer casing with a 312 battery and the slightly wider 13 battery case. The 312 battery lasts from 4-7 days while the 13 battery can last up to 10 days. Both can take any power receiver (speaker) or dome including the near invisible Absolute Power receiver (speaker).  Starkey’s designer, multi-faceted colors range from skin tones to every shade of hair.  And for a limited time, the Halo 2 has special two-tone casing.

Currently the HALO 2 is not available for recharging.  The Starkey Muse RIC is a rechargeable option.  Also, the HALO 2 does not have a CROS system for Single Sided Deafness (SSD).  Once again the Muse RIC, miniBTE or BTE is compatible for receiving the opposite side’s transmission.  

Please visit the user-friendly and highly-interactive site at for more information.

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    Starkey Halo 2

    Posted by Tilley Morgan on Dec 28th 2017

    It is soo tiny!! No one can tell I am wearing it, plus it is the same color as my hair. We had to take the black rubber piece off of the end that goes in my ear canal because I could hear myself too much, but now it is great and I havent had any problems since.