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Signia Silk Hearing Aids Now Available in NX Technology [New in May 2018]

The superior sounds quality and wirleless technology found in Signia NX hearing aids is now available in the Silk instant-fit CIC from Signia! Some of the technology improvements in the NX processing system are:

  • Ultra HD e2e
  • Own Voice Processing (OVP)
  • Improved sound quality
  • Faster sound processing
  • Telecare 3.0

In addition, the Silk NX hearing aids are 20% smaller than the previous Silk Primax versions, making them even more attractive. 

Signia Silk - The World's First Ready-to-Wear Custom Hearing Aid

In the past, when you were diagnosed with a hearing loss, the process of being fitted for hearing aids would take some time. Fittings required customized molds and adjustments to ensure that your hearing aids would fit you comfortably and provide the best performance to meet your hearing needs. Many of the industry's best hearing aids are still fitted this way — to provide an optimal listening experience. Signia Silk changes the game as a ready-to-wear, completely-in-canal (CIC) hearing aid, that is invisible in the ear.

Signia Silk Warranty

Each Signia Silk 7px / 5px hearing aid comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 2-year loss and damage warranty. Each hearing aid may be replaced one time during the loss and damage period for $300. The replacement cost includes a replacement instrument as well as an in-person appointment with your local provider to ensure the hearing aid is configured correctly. You may add one year to the warranty coverage, effectively giving you a 3-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year loss and damage warranty, by checking the box under extended warranty, above. Each Signia Silk 3px / 2px / 1px hearing aid comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 1-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend both to 2 years. 

Signia Primax Models

  • Silk
  • Ace
  • Pure
  • Cellion
Hardware Features        
Battery Size 10 10 312 Rechargeable
Volume Control  
Push Button  
MiniPocket remote
TouchControl App
How to Buy        
Method Make Selection Above View Product View Product View Product

Signia Ace Primax Technology Levels

  • 7px
  • 5px
  • 3px
Price $1799 $1599 $1299
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year
Loss and Damage Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year
Processing Channels 48 32 24
OneMic Directionality
Frequency Compression
Extended Bandwidth    
Frequency Cancellation

Click Sleeves: Signia Silk's Groundbreaking Technology

Click Sleeves, Signia Silk's groundbreaking technology, is a system in which flexible, fast-fitting silicone sleeves are attached to Signia primax hearing aids. With three different sleeve sizes, Click Sleeves are designed to comfortably fit in most ear canals. Whether you're new to hearing aids or you're looking for an upgrade, Click Sleeves enable you to try the new Signia primax CIC model and walk out the door with immediate access to a clear and profoundly enhanced listening experience.

The experience of Click Sleeves shows you just how simple and comfortable hearing aids can be — nearly invisible so you don't even notice that you're wearing aids. With the creative color concept — blue for left and red for right — you won't mix up the aids, ensuring the proper level of listening for each ear. Click Sleeves are simple to use — you simply click them into your Signia primax aids and they sit securely in your ear. According to Scott Davis, CEO of Signia, "First-time hearing aid wearers often prefer the near-invisibility that up until now could only be achieved with a custom-made CIC, yet they don't like the extra wait time needed for the manufacturer to custom build the instruments. Silk solves this problem by combining both the acoustic and cosmetic benefits of an advanced custom CIC with the immediate availability of a receiver-in-canal (RIC). In fact, we think of Silk as a RIC without the wire."

Signia Silk's Listening Features

Signia Silk's build is one of its finest features — a super soft and comfortable hearing aid that fits nearly every ear. Despite its small size, Signia Silk an extraordinary amount of power in listening features. Silk hearing aids are designed to simulate the natural binaural listening experience, which gives you excellent directionality. Silk achieves this through the OneMic feature, which boosts your hearing to focus on specific sounds in your environment, while canceling out background noise you do not want to hear. Wireless streaming capabilities, in conjunction with accessories and smartphone controls, gives you a more streamlined listening experience.

For many with hearing loss, speech recognition is one of the greatest challenges. When you've found yourself in noisy restaurants, parties, bars, or in any sort of crowd, you may have experienced difficulty making out conversation among multiple speakers. Signia Silk's SpeechMaster function addresses this challenge by automatically focusing on the voices of your conversation partners, while reducing background noises and other voices. SpeechMaster is one of the main features that helps to reduce listening effort throughout the day.

Signia addresses the issue of tinnitus with the Signia Silk. Tinnitus, a "ringing of the ears," is a common condition that accompanies 90% of hearing loss cases. Signia's Relief provides static and ocean wave preset sounds to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus. For those who experience single-sided hearing loss, Signia Silk is available as a CROS or BiCROS aid. With this configuration, one ear houses a transmitter device with the hearing aid sits in the non-hearing ear. Through wireless connection, sound is picked up, analyzed, and mixed for a balanced and clear listening experience.

Accessories to Enhance Your Listening Experience

Signia Silk is compatible with a number of wireless accessories to enhance your listening experience. Building upon digital advancements in hearing technology, Signia Silk is compatible to connect wirelessly with your smartphone and other electronic devices. Signia Silk connects with Bluetooth via easyTek, a lightweight audio streamer and remote control. Worn around your neck, easyTek is a small device that has one button for simple function changes. With Bluetooth connection, your Signia Silk hearing aids are able to wirelessly stream phone calls, music, and other media directly from your smartphone or other personal electronic devices directly to your ears. This seamless listening experience provides excellent accessibility and ease of control. For home entertainment accessibility, Signia offers the easyTek TV Transmitter, a device which connects your Signia Silk aids through Bluetooth. With this connection, the TV Transmitter sends sounds from your favorite movies and TV shows directly to your ears for a clear listening experience.

In situations where you may require additional amplification with speakers' voices, Signia offers the VoiceLink. VoiceLink connects wirelessly through easyTek, with a microphone that amplifies speakers' voices. With speech recognition as a major challenge for those with hearing loss, VoiceLink helps you stay in the loop with conversations in the most difficult noise environments, such as busy restaurants or parties. Never miss another word!

The touchControl app is easily downloadable through your iPhone store or Google Play store. It is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The touchControl app allows Signia Silk wearers to control volume, program features, focus, spatial configurator (to control microphones), and much more through a simple touch on the phone. For those who are not smartphone users, easyTek remote controls provide a similar ease of control. Signia offers the easyPocket with large buttons and an easy-to-read display, and the miniPocket, a smaller remote control version, which fits on a key ring.

Signia Primax Platform for Silk

Primax is the first hearing aid from Signia, a new brand from Sivantos Group (see below). Primax hearing aids have been proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day, building upon the successes of the Siemens binax hearing aid. Primax also offers features such as HD Music, which provides special bandwidth for high-frequency sounds, and EchoShield, which softens harsh sounds in acoustically challenging places with reverberation, ensuring a comfortable listening experience. Signia Silk hearing aids are one of the primax family — with sleeves that "click" onto the primax. Silk hearing aids are available in three performance levels to treat different degrees of hearing loss: 7px, 5px, and 3px. Silk is designed to treat mild to severe hearing loss.

About Signia

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, a leading hearing aid company that also includes the innovative Siemens in its family. Siemens and Signia are co-branded, with Signia building off of Siemens' most advanced technology, such as the binax. As the world's first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations, binax's platform provides the foundation for Signia's debut model, the primax. Launched in 2015, Signia has introduced a number of hearing aids on the primax platform, including the Signia Silk. Signia primax has been proven in clinical trials to reduce listening effort throughout the day, thus improving cognitive ability.

According to, "Silk is unique in that it offers a comfortable in-the-canal hearing aid solution for consumers wishing to avoid the traditional custom-fitting process. The custom-fitting process typically involves having an ear impression taken (at the hearing provider's office) so that a hand-made (or 3-D printed) hearing aid shell can be fabricated (with the hearing aid electronics and componentry installed inside the shell) ... Silk avoids the custom-fitting process entirely by employing soft-silicone 'click sleeves,' which mold to the contours of the customer's ear canals. This allows the customer to take the hearing aids home to evaluate them immediately."

Side by Side: Signia Silk and Other CIC Hearing Aids

As one of the newest CIC hearing aids on the market, Signia Silk brings many new innovations to a traditional hearing aid form. The innovation lies specifically in the Click Sleeves and the benefits of the primax platform, which reduces listening effort throughout the day. As noted by Hearing Tracker, and Signia's own CEO, the distinguishing feature to set Signia Silk apart from other CIC hearing aids in its class is its immediate wearability. Unlike other hearing aids that are worn completely-in-canal and invisible, Signia Silk aids do not require a waiting period for molds to be custom made by hearing aid manufacturers. As such, Signia Silk wearers are able to walk out of their hearing specialist's office with aids on the same day, with immediate access to the sounds of the world around them.

Other Notable CIC Hearing Aids

Siemens Insio binax

Siemens, a sister brand of Signia, launched a revolution with its binax platform (on which primax is built). Insio is a CIC aid designed to treat severe to profound hearing loss. Insio binax CIC aids are custom made from a mold of your ears, and provide some of the same features as Signia Silk, such a OneMic directionality, binaural technology, and wireless connectivity and ease of control through the touchControl app.

Phonak Lyric

Phonak's Lyric is known as the "contact lens" for the ear, and is a 100% invisible CIC hearing aid. Unlike other hearing aids that require frequent battery changes, the Lyric is a 24/7 hearing aid that can be worn for up to 4 months at a time without removal. Lyric is perfect for people with active lifestyles and can be worn in the water. Lyric is inserted by your hearing specialist and removed for replacement every few months when the battery runs out.

Widex Dream CIC and CIC Micro

Widex Dream provides wearers with true to life, rich, and well-rounded sound. With an emphasis on speech recognition, wearers will experience excellent conversation in even the noisiest environments. The Dream family comes in many models, including the nearly invisible completely-in-canal and smaller CIC micro, both made of customized molds of the wearer's ears.

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    Something Different that I loved

    Posted by Bob on Sep 25th 2017

    I have been wearing hearing aids for the last 8 years and this is my second set. My last pair was the kind that goes in the ear under the brand siemens hearing aid that I bought from my audiologist. The audiologist on this site recommended that I should try this if I liked the hearing aids that go inside the ear better then having something on top of my ear. I didn't have to have the silicon gel in my ear like the last time and It was fit in 30 minutes. The sound quality is at least twice as good as my last pair, even though I am told Siemens is now Signia so its the same brand, and I paid half as much. Pretty good deal!