Signia Pure Primax

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This is a legacy product. The latest Pure model is the Signia NX

Signia Pure Primax

As the most advanced hearing aid family from Sivantos, Signia's primax platform builds upon the success of two predecessors: micon and binax platforms. Siemens binax was clinically proven by independent studies to be the first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations.

Signia primax combines these binaural hearing features with a rich and balanced sound quality, personalized to the wearer's listening needs. The primax platform has been clinically proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day, thanks to new advanced features. Independent studies have identified three main features from Signia primax that makes listening effortless: SpeechMaster, EchoShield, and HD Music.

Signia Pure Primax Warranty

Each Signia Pure primax 7px / 5px hearing aid comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 2-year loss and damage warranty. Each hearing aid may be replaced one time during the loss and damage period for $300. The replacement cost includes a replacement instrument as well as an in-person appointment with your local provider to ensure the hearing aid is configured correctly. You may add one year to the warranty coverage, effectively giving you a 3-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year loss and damage warranty, by checking the box under extended warranty, above. Each Signia Pure primax 3px / 2px / 1px hearing aid comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 1-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend both to 2 years. 

Signia Primax Models

  • Pure
  • Cellion
  • Ace
  • Silk
Hardware Features        
Battery Size 312 Rechargeable 10 10
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TouchControl App
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Signia Pure Primax Technology Levels

  • 7px
  • 5px
  • 3px
  • 2px
  • 1px
Price $1799 $1599 $1349 $1299 $1249
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Loss and Damage Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Processing Channels 48 32 24 16 8
Narrow Directionality    
Frequency Compression
Extended Bandwidth        
Frequency Cancellation    
Tinnitus Therapy  
Speech Focus      

Primax Features

SpeechMaster – Improved Speech Recognition

Speech recognition is the biggest challenge that faces people who experience hearing loss. Signia primax uses three technologies to enhance speech in any environment: noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification to enhance the dominant speaker over other sounds. Conversation may be difficult for those with hearing loss, especially in situations where there is a lot of background noise. Busy restaurants or public transportation hubs are filled with multiple conversations and environmental sounds that could interfere with communication. This is where SpeechMaster kicks in. SpeechMaster's algorithms analyze the environment you are in, and isolates the dominant speaker from the surrounding background noise. Essentially, SpeechMaster gives you control over the acoustic environment you find yourself in, allowing you to hone in on the voices you want to hear. Noise reduction reduces background noise, while directionality helps you to focus on the direction of the speaker. Amplification enhances the main speaker's voice above other sounds in the environment.

These elements, together, help to improve speech recognition while also reducing your listening effort. With SpeechMaster, you no longer have to struggle to differentiate between different speakers' voices and fight with the extraneous background noise all around you. In a number of independent studies, test participants were asked to perform speech intelligibility tests with Signia primax hearing aids, while their electroencephalographic activity was measured. Results from these studies found that the SpeechMaster feature helped to reduce the brain's effort to make sense of speech and conversation.

SpeechMaster is a flexible feature that automatically adjusts to speech sounds in many different environments. Whether you're at the dining table in a restaurant or you're in a car, SpeechMaster's algorithms reconfigure the sound received and singles out speech to help you stay in the loop with conversations. SoundSmoothing enhances speech sounds with SpeechMaster, while eWindScreen binaural helps reduce wind and traffic noise in outdoor situations. Wherever you find yourself conversing – be it the office, a sidewalk café, or the breakfast table – SpeechMaster ensures an effortless listening experience.

EchoShield – Protecting Sounds

Have you ever found yourself in a cavernous space – like a big hallway, foyer, large room, or auditorium – where acoustics are particularly difficult? In these kinds of spaces, sounds and speech may bounce off the walls and are received by your hearing aids at different intervals, creating an uncomfortable and muddled listening experience.

Signia primax addresses this challenging experience with EchoShield, which elucidates muddled reverberated sounds and protects sounds in acoustically challenging spaces. EchoShield softens the echoed sounds, and reduces listening effort as a result.

HD Music – Enhanced Music Listening

Most hearing aids are designed to tackle hearing loss's greatest challenge: speech recognition. However, with more advanced technologies now available, Signia primax has taken listening a step further to high-definition music appreciation.

The HD Music feature provides Signia primax wearers with enhanced, higher frequency sounds, specially tailored for three situations. Music lovers with their extensive record collections and home entertainment systems may enjoy music with HD Music's Recorded Music feature. For those who attend live events, the Live Music feature will come in handy, separating out crowd noise and that of the performance. For musicians who perform, the Musician feature helps singers and instrumentalists stay in tune with their performances. Why stop just at speech? For the best music listening experience on the market, give Signia primax's HD Music a sample.

Other Features

Signia primax aids offer TwinPhone, a solution for non-Bluetooth phones, and especially useful when the easyTek connectivity app is not available. TwinPhone allows wearers to stream calls directly to their ears, using a magnetic signal. Signia primax also allows wireless connectivity, which enables wearers to adjust their hearing aids through the easyTek app on their smartphones. Controls via smartphone allow wearers to make program feature and volume adjustments, with convenience and ease.

Signia Primax Product Portfolio

Signia primax is available in a number of styles: Pure and Ace (receiver-in-canal), Motion (behind-the-ear), and Insio (in-the-ear). Signia aids are designed to treat a wide range of degrees of hearing loss, with technology levels available in 3px, 5px, and 7px. In the Signia primax portfolio, there are two specialized aids: the Signia Silk primax and the Signia Cellion primax. Silk primax aids are built with an innovative new technology, Click Sleeves. Crafted of flexibly and silky-smooth silicone, Click Sleeves are available in several different sizes, made to “click” into a pair of in-the-ear primax aids and fit into almost any ear canal. This flexibility and ready-to-wear experience with Signia Silk makes it a great choice for first-time wearers, who can walk out of a fitting and experience the benefits of clear hearing immediately. Silk aids are also practically invisible, and so comfortable you won't notice them. Signia Silk primax is endowed with the same advanced listening features in the primax family.

Cellion primax aids address a call from consumers worldwide: a sustainable, rechargeable hearing aid. Cellion is a receiver-in-canal hearing aid which uses lithium-ion battery and inductive charging for an incredibly long-lasting listening experience. With a simple six-hour charge, Cellion wearers experience 24 hours of uninterrupted listening. For those on the run, a 30-minute charge provides six hours of listening. With the lithium-ion battery, Cellion wearers need not worry about changing out batteries. These tend to last five years, about the life-time of a pair of hearing aids. Cellion is hassle-free, and provides the same effortless listening as all primax products.

Reviews of Signia Primax

At Hearing Tracker, the Signia primax 7px model has received an 85% rating. One user in Utah writes, “My hearing aid has been doing very well and I really enjoy it! After a few minutes, I forget it's even there and I can go all day with it on and not worry about it falling out or even being noticed by other people. I enjoy the Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to adjust settings on my phone.”

Writer Johnathan Yaniv at Trusted Nerd writes, “Before using the Signia primax, I didn't know how much of the conversation I was missing. With the Signia's primax mind-blowing feature called SpeechMaster along with their spatial configuration, I am able to key in on that person and catch all of those elements that I might have missed previously. Conversations are clear as day with the Signia primax and I'm excited to continue using Signia primax.”

Signia (formerly Siemens)

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, which is also the parent company of leading hearing aid manufacturers (Siemens, Audio Service, Rexton, and A&M, to name a few). With these different brands combined, Sivantos Group has over 100 years of experience designing advanced hearing instruments to evolving consumer needs. Sivantos Group provides hearing devices worldwide, in 120 countries.

Signia upholds the philosophy of Sivantos Group brands: to improve the lives of those with hearing loss. With the understanding that hearing loss may adversely affect one's health and well-being (emotion and physical), Signia is committed to making hearing as natural and easy as possible. With the flagship portfolio, primax, Signia has already redefined hearing with effortless listening and advanced technological features.