Signia Ace Primax

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***Legacy Product - The Signia Ace Primax has been replaced by the Signia Pure 10 Nx

Signia Ace Primax - Discreet, Powerful, Effortless

Ace is a behind-the-ear hearing aid and one of the smallest models from Signia, powered by the Primax platform. Though small in size and nearly invisible, Ace provides a powerful listening experience, coupled with user accessibility. With lightweight construction and an IP rating of 67, Ace hearing aids are perfect for people with active lifestyles, with excellent resistance against moisture, sweat, and dust. An easy-to-use push button and accessible battery compartment make adjustments and replacements easy for wearers.

Beyond the surface, Ace’s inner workings boast the best of Signia’s technology, the Primax Star processing platform. Powered by Primax Star, Ace offers features that bring significant benefits to any listening environment, simulating natural binaural hearing. For first-time wearers, Ace’s ease of operation and sleek, comfortable design makes for a rewarding listening experience. Long-time wearers of hearing aids will appreciate Ace’s sophisticated sound and customizable features.

Signia Ace Primax Warranty

Each Signia Ace primax 7px / 5px hearing aid comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 2-year loss and damage warranty. Each hearing aid may be replaced one time during the loss and damage period for $300. The replacement cost includes a replacement instrument as well as an in-person appointment with your local provider to ensure the hearing aid is configured correctly. You may add one year to the warranty coverage, effectively giving you a 3-year manufacturer warranty and 3-year loss and damage warranty, by checking the box under extended warranty, above. Each Signia Ace primax 3px / 2px / 1px hearing aid comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 1-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend both to 2 years. 

Signia Primax Models

  • Ace
  • Pure
  • Cellion
  • Silk
Hardware Features        
Battery Size 10 312 Rechargeable 10
Volume Control  
Push Button  
MiniPocket remote
TouchControl App
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Signia Ace Primax Technology Levels

  • 7px
  • 5px
  • 3px
  • 2px
  • 1px
Price $1799 $1599 $1349 $1299 $1249
Manufacturer Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Loss and Damage Warranty 2 years 2 years 1 year 1 year 1 year
Processing Channels 48 32 24 16 8
Narrow Directionality    
Frequency Compression
Extended Bandwidth        
Frequency Cancellation    
Tinnitus Therapy  
Speech Focus      

Primax Star Portfolio: Ace Primax’s Listening Features

Ace is powered by Primax Star, the latest processing platform from Signia, which combines advanced hearing technology with consumer demands for a smarter and sleeker hearing aid. With wireless connectivity and several performance levels, Ace Primax addresses varying degrees of hearing loss. Signia’s Primax processing platform is renowned for its ability to reduce listening effort throughout the day, for improving speech intelligibility, and for allowing the wearer to focus on sounds they want to hear in challenging noise environments.

One of Primax’s standout features is SpeechMaster, a collection of algorithms to elucidate speech sounds in diverse noise environments, particularly in spaces with loud background noise. With noise reduction, directionality, and steering amplification, Primax empowers you to focus on the speech you want to hear, elevating speakers’ voices above extraneous sounds in your environment. Directional microphones, strategically placed on Ace hearing aids, help you focus on the speakers you wish to hear. Eliminating the strains and disturbances in communication, Ace Primax ensures an effortless experience. SoundSmoothing, another Primax feature, works similarly to provide comfort and ease of listening.

Depending on your sound environment, features such as eWindScreen and EchoShield kick in to provide further comfort. In outdoor settings (or driving in a car with the window down), wind or breeze could interfere with speech recognition. Similarly, in acoustically challenging spaces with hard surfaces and cavernous ceilings, the echoes of environmental sounds might pose another difficulty to speech intelligibility. In these two scenarios, eWindScreen and EchoShield automatically balance wind or reflected sounds, protect softer sounds, and address extraneous noises for an effortless and comfortable listening experience.

While most advanced hearing aids are well-equipped to address conversation and speech sounds, they are not necessarily programmed to handle the nuances of music sounds. This is where Ace Primax differs. The Primax Star platform provides music lovers and musicians with an innovative high definition(HD) Music feature, designed to enhance music sounds and preserve the rich highs and lows of music. Primax offers Ace wearers with three settings: Live Music; Recorded Music; and Musician, for those who perform.

Other Features Available with Ace Primax

When you are fitted for your Ace Primax hearing aids, your hearing healthcare professional takes you through the process to ensure that your devices best meet your hearing needs. With Ace Primax, new technologies such as TeleCare and primaxFit allow your hearing aid provider the ability to further fine-tune and customize your listening experience, which means you’ll experience the benefits immediately and more fully. Ace Primax’s miniReceiver 2.0 is available in four different lengths and power levels for excellent sound performance, no matter your hearing ability.

In conjunction with the technological advances in the smartphone industry, Ace Primax provides the hands-free TwinPhone feature. Using a wireless, magnetic connection to your smart phone, access features to control your listening experience with the downloadable easyTek app. Ace Primax hearing aids are compatible with smartphones and other personal electronic devices to improve accessibility. Through this connection, you may stream phone calls, music, and other media directly from your smartphone to your Ace Primax hearing aids. For people who suffer from tinnitus, Primax is equipped with tinnitus treatment (options include: static noise or ocean waves sound therapy).

Accessories for Easier Listening

Ace Primax’s automatic programming makes the bulk of adjustments as we move between environments. When you want to fine-tune your listening experience, look no further than Signia’s accessories. The miniPocket is a tiny remote control that fits on your keyring, providing discreet control over the volume and program features of your Ace Primax hearing aids. Through wireless connection, the touchControl app allows for adjustments to be made on your smartphone (available on Android and iOS platforms).

About Signia

A part of Sivantos Group, Signia was launched in 2015 as a sister brand of Siemens. Building upon the technologies of Siemens, Signia has established itself with some of the most advanced hearing aid brands on the market. Signia’s Primax platform, which includes the rechargeable Cellion and the ready-to-wear Silk, has been proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day.