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Resound LiNX 3D - Made for iPhone

ReSound's LiNX was one of the first smartphone compatible hearing aids on the market, designed specifically as a Made for iPhone aid. Recently, ReSound introduced the updated LiNX 3D, which improved upon its predecessor's features and technology. As a smart hearing aid, LiNX 3D was designed with connectivity in mind. When linked up to your iPhone (and now, Android), LiNX 3D opens up a world of accessibility and special listening features. Through connection to your smartphone and other personal electronic devices, LiNX 3D streams sound (phone calls, music, movies, and other media) directly to your ears – just like wireless stereo headphones.

ReSound's Smart app gives wearers access to personalizing their listening experience. The app is simple and easy to use: adjust the volume and sound with a control panel and activate different features to adapt to different listening environments (i.e. restaurant, traffic, outdoor, etc.). Your personalized Favorites are archived, along with a pin with GPS geo-tagging to save locations for the next time you return. The Smart app also provides convenient, user-friendly guides on programming and maintenance for your LiNX 3D aids. The Smart app has a handy “Finder” function that helps you track down your LiNX 3D aids if you've misplaced them.

LiNX 3D comes in a number of styles and colors and has been awarded a number of design and technology awards: CES Innovation Awards 2016 honoree; Gold Award for German Design 2016; and the IHS Markit Innovation Award. It is available in the following styles: receiver-in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and in-the-ear.

LiNX 3D Promotion - August 2018

Get $400-$1000 off a pair of Resound Linx 3D hearing aids during the month of August, while supplies. last. For more details, chat with us or call us at 1-833-432-7786. 

Resound LiNX 3d Warranty

Each ReSound LiNX 3D 9 hearing aid comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 3-year loss and damage warranty. Each hearing aid may be replaced one time during the loss and damage period for $300. The replacement cost includes a replacement instrument as well as an in-person appointment with your local provider to ensure the hearing aid is configured correctly. You may add one year to the warranty coverage, effectively giving you a 4-year manufacturer warranty and 4-year loss and damage warranty, by checking the box under extended warranty, above. Each LiNX 3D 7 hearing aid comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 2-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend both to 3 years. Each LiNX 3D 5 hearing aid comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty, and includes a 1-year loss and damage warranty. Purchasing the warranty extension will extend both to 2 years. 

Resound LiNX 3D Models

  • LT61 RIC
  • LT62 RIC
  • LT67 BTE
  • LT77 BTE
Hardware Features
Battery size 312 13 312 13
iSolate nanotech coating
Made for iPhone
Volume Control
Push Button
Unite Remote Control 2
Unite TV Streamer 2
Unite miniMIc
Smart App
Smart App for Apple Watch

Resound LiNX 3D Technology Levels

  • 9
  • 7
  • 5
Price $1899.99 $1699.99 $1399.99
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years 2 years 1 years
Loss and Damage Warranty 3 years 2 years 1 years
Warp Compression Channels 17 14 12
Binaural Directionality version 2 version 1  
Spatial Sense    
NoiseTracker II Ultimate Advanced Basic
WindGuard Ultimate Advanced Basic
Tinnitus Sound Generator
Directional Mix Processor
Adjustable Directional Mix    

LiNX 3D Features

  • SurroundSound for more natural hearing
  • ReSound Assist for remote programming adjustements
  • Direct Streaming to iPhones and iOS devices
  • NoiseTracker II to help with background noise
  • Tinnitus Sound Generator
  • ReSound Smart App

Speech and Directionality

Binaural Directionality II and Spatial Sense come together to provide a natural listening experience. Along with Surround Sound, these three features provide ReSound hearing aids with a rich listening experience. ReSound hearing aids assist with directionality of sounds, which helps wearers to situate themselves within their surroundings. To provide a natural listening experience, ReSound hearing aids offer the feature Binaural Directionality II. This assists with speech understanding and better localization in noise by simulating a natural, binaural listening experience through balancing audio from both ears. With these Smart features, LiNX 3D provides wearers with a vivid and clear listening experience. These features support your brain's natural ability to process sounds, and improves speech recognition in any environment. LiNX 3D has been found to deliver up to 30% better speech clarity than other premium aids on the market, while reducing distracting background noise.

Wireless Connectivity

LiNX 3D hearing aids are wireless, with connectivity through Bluetooth and ReSound accessories. The LiNX3D connects to your smartphone and other electronic devices with a 2.4GHz wireless platform. For Android and other Bluetooth phones, LiNX3D is compatible with the ReSound Unite Phone Clip+. Through wireless connectivity, you may stream your phone calls and FaceTime with your loved ones directly to your ears, geo-tag your preferences in archived locations, and customize your listening experience through the Smart app.  This is especially useful for higher degrees of hearing loss, as you may use your phone's microphone as an assistive listening device, streaming amplified sounds directly to your ears. Wireless connectivity gives wearers access to the Smart App's Sound Enhancer. Sound Enhancer provides heightened customization for your listening experience. Settings include: Comfort in Noise, Speech Focus, and Comfort in Wind. Comfort in Noise helps to reduce noise levels in louder environments to better enhance speech and provide a comfortable listening experience. The Speech Focus feature improves speech recognition by helping wearers focus on the speech sounds they want to hear. Comfort in Wind ensures protection against harsh wind sounds of outdoor environments that would otherwise interfere with clear listening.

Made for iPhone

ReSound LiNX was the very first Made-for-iPhone hearing aid on the market when it launched. The ability to stream calls, music and other audio directly to hearing aids was revolutionary at the time. Before the launch of LiNX, many hearing aid systems had bluetooth capabilities, but they all required the use of an intermediary device (sometimes called streamers). When ReSound announced its work with Apple to make direct streaming a reality, hearing aid consumers instantly took notice. 

Using the Smart App, users can make volume adjustments, change memory programs and find their lost hearing aids.  There are also specific adjustments in the application for windy and noisy environments. The ReSound Smart App is available in the App Store for iOS devices and the Google Play Store for Android devices.  These applications allow for customization not previously available with hearing devices. 

Tinnitus Management and Relief

With 80% of hearing loss cases appearing with tinnitus, ReSound tackles this condition head on with Relief. This sophisticated tinnitus management system masks the sounds of tinnitus and provides a collection of pre-programmed synthetic sounds.

Resound Unite Accessories

Micro Mic and Multi Mic are designed to address speech recognition. If you need a boost in speech amplification, Micro Mic and Multi Mic offer convenient assistance. Both microphones stream amplified speech sounds wirelessly to your ReSound hearing aids. Micro Mic is a portable device that clips to a shirt and is quite discreet, and delivers up sound from up to 80 feet away, while Multi Mic is a table microphone that requires an FM receiver. These are useful for in a variety of environments, from business meetings to classroom settings.

TV Streamer 2 connects to your LiNX 3D aids to your home entertainment systems, delivering crystal clear sound from your TV, computer, or stereo. TV Streamer 2 uses Bluetooth technology. ReSound also offers two remote controls, with user-friendly buttons and screens to change your hearing aid programs and volume.

Reviews of Resound Hearing Aids

As of March 2017, Consumer Affairs shows that ReSound has an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5 starts (based on 68 reviews). From Kansas City, MO, a reviewer named Steve writes, “I got the ReSound LiNX that works with the iPhone. I use the app on my phone, especially in certain instances like in a restaurant or when we go to a symphony, and I am able to adjust the hearing aid to get a better sound quality…ReSound has improved my life. I can now hear my grandchildren when they're talking to me. I missed some of that before. My wife doesn't have to repeat stuff quite as often as well. I would highly recommend ReSound.”

On Hearing Tracker, the LiNX 3D has received an average score of 83%. Thomas of Locust Grove, Georgia, sums up the experience of being fitted for ReSound aids: “I refused to believe I needed hearing aids. Well, two annual hearing tests later, I accepted. So SORRY I did not do this SOONER. The benefit is amazing. I enjoy being around people, I can understand the conversation.”

GN Resound

Founded in 1943, ReSound is a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids that now operates in more than 25 countries and distributes to over 80 countries worldwide. ReSound is a part of ReSound Nord Group, which offers technological resources and research to build state-of-the-art hearing instruments.
ReSound's mission is “to develop better solutions that help people rediscover hearing, so they can live rich, active, and fulfilling lives.” ReSound's hearing aids combine user feedback, innovation and design for an incredible listening experience. Throughout ReSound's company history, there have been significant breakthroughs in technology, with industry firsts such as Wide Dynamic Range Compression (improves sound processing) and Digital Feedback Suppression (eliminates sound distortion). ReSound also introduced the industry's first open-standard digital chip, which provides a flexible and natural listening experience.

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  • 5
    My favorite

    Posted by Mike L on Jul 16th 2018

    I tried 3 different hearing aids and these were my favorite. The Anthracite color goes great with my hair and I saved a ton of money buying online.

  • 5
    Resound Linx 3D

    Posted by Janet Sims on Apr 24th 2018

    I have only had my hearing aids for about a month and so far I am extremely happy with them. Great product!

  • 5
    Rechargeable and Connected

    Posted by Carroll Mason on Oct 25th 2017

    This is my second set of hearing aids and I love that they are both rechargeable and connect directly to my Iphone. My old pair of hearing aids went inside my ear and were made by Sparkey, I liked how discreet they were, they sound great and are so much more convenient to talk on the phone and to not have to change batteries! I finally feel like hearing aids are catching up with other technology.
    The only downside to the rechargeability I can see is in situations where you don't have access to power. You have to plan ahead, I recently went camping and used normal batteries since I couldn't recharge every night.

  • 5
    Pleasantly surprised

    Posted by Nate Hansen on Jun 30th 2017

    The main reason that I went with ReSound Hearing Aids was because they were recommended. I have the app on the phone and I do the adjustments on my phone. It is very easy to use. My wife thinks that I can hear her better when I have them on, so that is nice. I have been telling others about these and I do recommend them.