Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Options

For many hearing aid users, frequent battery changes can become cumbersome - especially for those with near-vision or manual dexterity limitations. Aside from the hands-on frustrations, traditional (disposable) hearing aid batteries may run out of energy at inopportune times, bringing your ability to hear and communicate to a complete halt. Rechargeable hearing aids eliminate these hassles. Simply drop your rechargeable hearing aids into a charging station at night, and a full day’s power is ready to go in the morning. Some benefits of rechargeable hearing aids are;

  • Economic - Save money on hundreds (or thousands) of batteries over the lifetime of your hearing aids.

  • Convenience - No more running to the store to purchase new batteries.

  • Peace of Mind - Your hearing aids will last throughout the day and won’t run out of power during an important meeting, family event, etc.

  • Environmental - Don’t throw away hundreds of batteries per year. Some of the rechargeable batteries (see below) can even be recycled.

Several leading manufacturers have developed reliable rechargeable hearing aid models including Signia (formerly Siemens), Unitron, Starkey and Oticon. Whether you are in the market for new hearing aids, or are interested in converting your current devices to rechargeable - there are options for you.

Phonak B-R Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Using lithium-ion technology, Phonak has produced the B-R system that doesn’t require you to handle batteries at all. This is a big benefit since small hearing aid batteries can be tough to handle (they are about half the diameter of a dime). Simply put the Phonak B-R aids into the charger and they’ll be ready for 24 hours of use after only 3 hours of charging. If they just need a quick charge, they can get 6 hours of use on one 30 minute charge. Phonak has two models that are rechargeable, the Audeo RIC (receiver-in-the-canal) and the Bolero BTE (behind-the-ear).

Signia Cellion Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Signia (formerly Siemens) was the first major hearing aid manufacturer to mass-produce a rechargeable hearing aid option. Their eCharger provided a way for users to charge their hearing aids overnight instead of replacing them every 5-14 days (depending on model). More recently, Signia has introduced the Signia Charge & Go Hearing Aid System. Charge & Go uses innovative high-capacity, Li-Ion power cells and supports Bluetooth® connectivity, allowing users to enjoy long-lasting, high-fidelity audio streaming.

ZPower Hearing’s rechargeable technology

Many hearing aid wearers are unaware that they can convert their standard hearing aids to rechargeable systems using ZPower’s silver-zinc rechargeable technology. ZPower promises a full day of use on a single 3-4 hour charge with their silver-zinc systems.

The benefits to using the ZPower system are;

  • Silver-zinc batteries get up to 40% more battery life than other rechargeable hearing aid options

  • ZPower batteries are non-toxic, non-flammable and can be recycled.

  • Longer-lasting - ZPower claims that their batteries have a longer life than other rechargeable options

  • Some models can be retrofitted with the ZPower silver-zinc technology

The one drawback to ZPower systems is that they are not available for all hearing aid makes and models. Some hearing aids that can be retrofitted with ZPower rechargeable are;

Hearing Aids That Can Use ZPower 

Rechargeable Hearing Aid Prices

As with other hearing aids, consumers are typically concerned about the cost of rechargeable hearing aids. At HearStore, we save you money and allow you to choose your level of local service. 


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