Phonak Bolero

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Phonak Bolero Models

  • B-PR
  • B-M
Hardware Features
Battery Size Rechargeable 312
IP 68 Rating
Volume Control  
Push Button
ComPilot Air II
ComPilot II
Dect II
Remote Mic
Roger Pen

Phonak Bolero Technology Levels

  • B-90
  • B-70
  • B-50
  • B-30
Price $1799.99 $1599.99 $1399.99 $1199.99
Manufacturer Warranty 3 years 3 years 2 years 2 years
Loss and Damage Warranty 3 years 3 years 2 years 2 years
Channels 20 16 12 8
Tinnitus Balance Noise Generator

Bolero B-PR and B-M Features

Bolero is Phonak’s behind-the-ear (BTE) portfolio powered by the Belong Platform, designed to treat mild to severe hearing loss. With the Bolero portfolio, Phonak strove to create devices that would allow wearers to feel at one with their environment and to provide a seamless listening experience.

With a new rechargeable option (Bolero B-PR), Bolero provides a user-friendly experience that fits seamlessly into your life. As a flexible and customizable hearing aid, Bolero is available in four technology levels: Premium (B90), Advanced (B70), Standard (B50), and Essential (B30). Both Bolero B-PR and Bolero B-M models offer a number of automatic programs to enhance your listening experience. At the heart of Bolero’s programming are the Belong Platform and AutoSense OS, both of which provide better speech understanding and effortless hearing.

With the Belong Platform, Phonak aims to expand hearing performance, automation, power supply, and design. With Belong, Phonak hearing aids now boast breakthrough rechargeable battery technology with the lithium-ion battery. AutoSense OS “automatically senses” your listening environment and blends audio information to create 200 distinct settings, providing a rich and natural picture of sound. As a result, AutoSense OS has been reported to provide up to 20% better speech understanding using an automatic selection feature, 60% improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments, 37% reduction in effort in conversations in cars, and 10% improvement with soft speech recognition.

Depending on the technology level, Bolero hearing aids include signature Phonak features such as: UltraZoom (multi-channel beamforming that improves speech recognition in noisy environments), EchoBlock (improves listening experience in spaces with reflective surfaces), StereoZoom (focuses on a single voice and improves speech recognition by 60% in noisy spaces), SoundRelax (softens harsh sounds in your environment), WindBlock (automatically suppresses wind noise), FlexControl and FlexVolume (personalizes AutoSense OS and provides increased clarity), and SoundRecover 2 (improves audibility).

Bolero’s automatic programs, which provide ease of use for wearers, include: Comfort in Echo (automatic reduction of reverberation), Speech in Car and Speech in Loud Noise (improved speech intelligibility and stable listening with reduced effort), Music (a richer listening experience thanks to expanded dynamic range), and Comfort in Noise (noise reduction for increased comfort). Manual programs include Speech in Wind and Speech in 360, which improve speech understanding no matter the environment; and Acoustic Phone, which streams signals between hearing aids to improve phone conversations.

In terms of design, Bolero is coated with a resistant material that prevents the infiltration of water, sweat, moisture, and dust. With a sealed compartment and new microphone positioning, Bolero is a sleek BTE hearing aid that provides wearers with discretion, confidence, and freedom in daily activities.

Bolero B-PR: Rechargeable Technology

With new rechargeable lithium-ion technology, Bolero B-PR boasts ease of use and excellent hearing performance in one. Bolero B-PR’s rechargeable hearing technology eliminates frequent battery changes and provides wearers with 24 hours of hearing with a single charge. Bolero B-PR is one of the quickest charging and longest-lasting rechargeable hearing aids on the market: a 30-minute quick charge provides 6 hours of listening; a 1-hour charge provides 12 hours of listening; and a 3- hour charge provides 24 hours of listening.

With traditional hearing aids, wearers might be surprised by their batteries running out of juice at an inopportune moment. Bolero B-PR is chargeable anytime, eliminating this risk. Phonak offers three versatile charging options for wearers to charge any time: the Phonak Charger Case (a charger, drying kit, and protective hard case in one); the Phonak Power Pack (ideal for short trips where no power source is available – good for 7 full charges); and the Phonak Mini Charger (the most compact charging option).

Phonak CROS B: For Single-Sided Deafness

For people who experience single-sided deafness (SSD), the wireless CROS B transmitter is fitted to a Bolero B hearing aid and transfers sound from all directions through Binaural VoiceStream Technology. As a result, wearers experience sound from the unaided ear for a richer listening experience. Speech recognition, especially in noisier settings, is improved with StereoZoom, while Bolero B automatic features deliver clearer sounds by reducing background noise

Reviews of Phonak Bolero Hearing Aids

Based on a number of field studies of Phonak’s Belong Platform and lithium-ion rechargeable technology, 9 out of 10 hearing care professionals recommended Phonak’s rechargeable hearing aids to their patients, while 84% of hearing aid wearers perceived daily charging as much easier than changing hearing aid batteries. Ninety-four percent of Phonak hearing aid wearers were highly satisfied with battery life and charging time on their rechargeable aids.

Phonak: Company Overview

Founded in 1947, Phonak is a Swiss manufacturer committed to reconnecting people to their lives with their advanced hearing aids, vowing to continue their ground-breaking work until wearing hearing aids is as common as wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. With industry firsts such as AudioZoom (1995), the MicroLink FM Receiver (1996) and the first fully digital hearing aid, Claro (1999), Phonak has lead the way with innovation.

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    Phonak Bolero

    Posted by Kerrigan Smith on Sep 21st 2017

    Loved the metallic colors, my old set were beige, this new set looked like they went with my jewelry! Also, not only were they prettier than my boring beige they worked better too!!