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The Otofonix personal sound amplifier was released in the summer of 2016 by Otofonix and has made a splash in the personal sound amplification market. This device was created by Otofonix, a North Carolina company founded by a retired Board-Certified Otolaryngologist (ENT Physician). The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier was designed to help people who struggle to understand soft speech, understanding in noisy environments and hearing conversations over distances. It is not meant for people with a severe or profound hearing loss or those under 18 years of age.

What makes this sound amplifier stand out from the rest?

The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier was designed by a retired ENT physician with a desire to create a device that could help people to hear better without the need for costly doctor appointments or expensive hearing aid devices. Furthermore, personal sound amplifiers on the market were often ineffective in environments with a lot of background noise because the devices would amplify all sounds, even ones the user didn’t want to hear. Otofonix added background noise reduction and feedback cancellation technology, both of which are commonly found in high end hearing aids. The combination of soft sound amplification and background noise reduction makes these devices very helpful in noisy listening environments.

More about the Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier

The Otofonix Personal Sound Amplifier is very easy to use and comes completed assembled and ready to use out of the box. The device is reassembled with the most popular size sound tube and a medium size ear dome to fit most users. The Otofonix PSA is equipped with one switch operation, allowing users to easily change the volume and switch between the four pre-set programs. The device is designed to be very discreet and is available in two colors, Cream Beige or Pearl Grey. They are available in right or left ear versions and take 312 size hearing aid batteries.

Settings include:

  • Normal setting – Normal listening environment like having a conversion in your home
  • Noisy setting – You use this setting when you need to reduce background noise, great for a restaurant or a mall.
  • Treble setting – If you find that you are getting feedback or any type of high pitched sound you would switch it to the treble setting.
  • Power setting – Has a higher volume than the normal setting, this is a good setting for watching TV. *

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