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What makes HearStore™ different

  • We do not compete against our providers by targeting local customers with ads, unlike other 3rd party networks.
  • We do not claim a patient and allow for customers to purchase service packages, accessories and future hearing aids directly from you.
  • When someone purchases a local service package from our website, 100% of the revenue goes to the providers for service (no commission taken).
  • We offer additional discounts to active or retired Military, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Teachers and Nurses through our Hearing For HeroesⓇ program

Benefits to joining the HearStore network

  • See younger patients - younger patients have a lighter lifetime value (LTV) than older patients. The average HearStore customer is less than 60 years old!
  • Get more business from the internet - hearing consumers are increasingly going to the web to research and buy hearing aids. Working with HearStore allows your practice to see more of these patients.
  • Help keep patients away from direct-to-consumer sites by supporting sites that utilize hearing care professionals.
  • Make 25% more per hour than competing 3rd party network reimbursement schedules (see calculations below).

Reimbursement from HearStore

  • For a set of hearing aids, HearStore pays $500 for a delivery and one follow-up fitting.
  • If the patient needs custom earmolds, we pay an additional $50 per ear.
  • Patients can choose a local service package of 1 year, 2 years or 3 years. Providers are paid 100% of the revenue from local service packages. The packages pay $75 per appointment.
  • Providers can work out a local service package arrangement with the customers if desired.

Hourly rate compared to other 3rd party sites

  • Other 3rd party network - $1200 reimbursement, delivery and 9 30-minute appointments, total of 6 hours for $1200 = $200/hr
  • HearStore - $500 reimbursement, delivery and follow-up, total of 2 hours for $500 = $250/hr

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