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Giving Hearing Help to America's Heroes

Our country was built on the dedication, hard work and sacrifice of American heroes. These heroes sacrificed to help protect, secure and educate us, so that we could live the American Dream. As some of these folks experience hearing challenges, we want to help with our Hearing for Heroes program. The program consists of a discount program, as well as a regular giveaway. 

Discounts for Military, Police, Firefighters, EMTs, Paramedics, Teachers and Nurses. 

To help with the cost of hearing aids, HearStore is offering an additional $100 discount per hearing aid* to the following individuals;

  • Active or retired Military
  • Active or retired Police
  • Active or retired Firefighters
  • Active or retired EMTs
  • Active or retired Paramedics
  • Active or retired Teachers (Primary, Secondary or Post-Secondary)
  • Active or retired Nurses

This discount is on top of our already affordable hearing aid prices.

Verification of eligibility will be required

Hearing Aid Giveaway

Once per calendar year, HearStore gives away a pair of high-end, name-brand hearing aids to one American hero. You may nominate someone (or yourself) for this giveaway by entering the information on the form below. 

Nominate an American Hero

*discount cannot be used alongside our Best Price Guarantee. 

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