Signia Hearing Aid Prices

Signia is the newest brand from Sivantos Group, which is also the parent company of leading hearing aid manufacturer, Siemens. Signia is a very popular brand of hearing aids and many consumers are concerned about the cost of these hearing devices. At HearStore, we offer significant discounts on Signia Primax hearing aids and other name-brand hearing devices. Co-branded with Siemens, Signia is committed to making hearing as natural and easy as possible. Built on the innovation of the Siemens binax platform (the world’s first hearing aid to outperform normal hearing in challenging noise situations), Signia primax offers a number of advanced hearing aid features. For more information, see our full list of hearing aid prices.

Signia Hearing Aid Prices

ModelOur Price
Signia Pure NX 7Nx $1,799.00
Signia Pure NX 5Nx $1,599.00
Signia Pure NX 3Nx $1,349.00
Signia Charge & Go 7Nx $1,799.00
Signia Charge & Go 5Nx $1,599.00
Signia Charge & Go 3Nx $1,349.00
Signia Styletto 7Nx $1,799.00
Signia Styletto 5Nx $1,599.00
Signia Styletto 3Nx $1,349.00
Signia Pure Primax 7px $1,799.00
Signia Pure Primax 5px $1,599.00
Signia Pure Primax 3px $1,349.00
Signia Pure Primax 2px $1,299.00
Signia Pure Primax 1px $1,249.00
Signia Ace Primax 7px $1,799.00
Signia Ace Primax 5px $1,599.00
Signia Ace Primax 3px $1,349.00
Signia Ace Primax 2px $1,299.00
Signia Ace Primax 1px $1,249.00
Signia Cellion Primax 7px $1,799.00
Signia Cellion Primax 5px $1,599.00
Signia Silk Primax 7px $1,799.00
Signia Silk Primax 5px $1,599.00
Signia Silk Primax 3px $1,299.00

What these prices include

  • Signia Manufacturer Warranty
  • Local fitting from a hearing professional
  • 45-day risk-free satisfaction guarantee on Signia aids
  • Remote service and adjustments from HearStore
  • Local service package options

More about Signia Nx

The Signia Nx platform has been clinically proven to reduce listening effort throughout the day. Independent studies have identified three main features from Signia Nx that makes listening effortless: OVP (Own Voice Processing), SpeechMaster, EchoShield, and HD Music. Signia Nx is available in a number of styles: Pure (standard receiver-in-canal), Styletto (slim receiver in canal), Charge & Go (rechargeable receiver in canal) and Silk (nearly invisible in-the-canal). Signia aids are designed to treat a wide range of degrees of hearing loss, with technology levels available in 3Nx, 5Nx, and 7Nx. Additionally, Signia offers two rechargeable solutions: Charge & Go and Styletto.

Signia Styletto in an innovative and modern hearing aid, utlizing an extremely slim and discreet design. In addition to the thin product design, it is also rechargeable and comes with a portable charging case for on-the-go convenience.

Signia Charge & Go is a rechargeable hearing aid, using lithium-ion battery technology. Charge&Go provides 24 hours of listening on a simple overnight charge. The lithium-ion battery requires replacement every five years, which means wearers can experience carefree listening without having to worry about spare batteries.

Signia Silk Nx is a ready-to-wear solution that utilizes Click Sleeves: silicon sleeves in three different sizes that “click” onto Signia primax completely-in-canal hearing aids. Silk is a comfortable and efficient solution that provides new wearers with instant access to clear listening.

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