Etymotic Bean

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Features of the Etymotic Bean Quiet Sound Amplifier

  • Provides amplification of the high-frequencies for hearing the soft sounds of speech
  • Has a long battery life of 10 to 12 days
  • Can help to improve speech understanding in both quiet and noisy conditions
  • The Bean includes a switch to toggle between two levels of enhancement
  • Loud sounds are heard naturally with no additional boost.
  • Subtle, low-battery signal alerts user before the battery dies

About The BEAN® Quiet Sound Amplifier® by Etymotic Research

The BEAN is an affordable device that amplifies quiet sounds, allowing users to hear more clearly in a variety of environments including social settings, cars, on the phone and at a distance. The BEAN boosts soft high pitched sounds often heard in speech, and features a built-in sensor that automatically adjusts to the surrounding noise level. The BEAN is ready to use right out of the box and does not require a visit to an audiologist or hearing professional. The device is designed to be discreet and comfortable, and offers a 2-position switch for two levels of sound enhancement. The BEAN is available in two models, the BEAN and the T-coil BEAN, which is compatible with hearing aid compatible phones and hearing loops. While the BEAN enhances soft sounds, it is transparent to louder noises - allowing users to hear more natural sounding high level sounds. Keep in mind that as a soft sound amplifier, the Bean is not hearing protection for loud sounds, and users will want to wear ear protection when exposed to very loud environments for extended periods of time. Watch this video to learn more. Does the BEAN work well for musicians? Yes! The BEAN works great for musicians as it enhances soft sounds, without distorting high-level sounds found in music. The BEAN will actually perform better than hearing aids for those in musical environments as the music will sounds natural and clear. Etymotic Research's high-fidelity earplugs, hearing aids, and earphones are used by musicians in orchestras, blues, jazz and rock groups worldwide.

How to Use the Bean

The BEAN quiet sound amplifier is extremely easy to use, and requires no set up or adjustments. The device comes with two positions, Normal (N) or High (H). In telecooil enabled models, the High setting is replaced with a T-mode, allowing users to seamlessly connect with hearing aid compatible phones and hearing loops. To turn the BEAN on, simply insert a #10 hearing aid battery and close the battery door located on the bottom of the device. To turn off the BEAN, simply open the battery door. When inserting the device, it is completely normal to hear a whistling noise called feedback. You may need to remove the device from your ear in order to flip the switch to the other position. To learn more, please watch this video directly from the manufacturer:

What is included in the BEAN starter kit?

Every new BEAN quiet sound amplifier comes with a starter kit which includes the following: A leather case to protect your devices when not in use. 7 eartips of different sizes and materials to allow you to customize the BEAN to fit comfortably in your ear. A package of size #10 zinc-air hearing aid batteries. Extra filters and a filter tool.

What is the difference between The BEAN and The BEAN T-coil model?

The BEAN is available in two models, the BEAN and the BEAN T-coil model. Both models have a two position switch with the BEAN's two settings include a Normal (N) and a High (H) setting. In contrast the T-coil model has a Normal (N) setting and a Telecoil mode allowing the user to connect to a hearing loop system or a hearing aid compatible telephone. This will stream the sound coming from either system directly into the BEAN, making listening extremely easy even in environments with a lot of background noise.

About Etymotic

The BEAN is the product of 30+ years of research by Etymotic Research. Etymotic Research is a research, development and manufacturing company dedicated to enhancing and protecting hearing by developing products related to hearing loss prevention, high-fidelity hearing aid circuitry and consumer electronics. Etymotic Research was founded in 1983 by Mead C. Killion, PhD, ScD, an adjunct professor of advanced hearing aid electroacoustics at Northwestern University. Since the companies inception, they have accrued 88 US patents, covering microphones, high-fidelity earplugs, earphones, hearing aids and much more.

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