Buying Hearing Aids Online

Many hearing aids sold online do not come with a professional fitting

There are many websites that sell hearing aids without an in-person professional fitting. People who purchase these devices are left hoping that their hearing aids, both fit and sound, are correct when they arrive. At HearStore, our hearing aids come with local fitting by a licensed hearing healthcare professional. The hearing care provider will make sure fit and sound quality are correct to ensure satisfaction.

Many hearing aids purchased online come bundled with services you may not need

Most hearing aids purchased today, whether online or from a local office, come bundled with services and/or accessories you might not need. HearStore uses an 'unbundled' model and gives you choice, by allowing you to determine what level of service is best for you. After the local fitting, you may decide to use HearStore's remote service option (included in the purchase of hearing aids) or select a 1 year, 2 year or 3 year local service option

You don't always save money purchasing hearing devices on the internet

Many websites claim they will save you hundreds or thousands of dollars by purchasing through them. What they don't mention is that they bundle unnecessary accessories or services with the sale, leading to inflated prices. Many also ask you to call in to get their complete pricing. At HearStore we publish our hearing aid prices for everyone to see - that allows you to make an informed decision

Some of the other hearing aid sites are owned by hearing aid manufacturers

There are other websites out there that are owned by some of the major hearing aid manufacturers (or their parent companies). These sites often promote their parent company's preferred brands without disclosing the relationship to their customers. At HearStore, we have no bias and instead work with you to find the right hearing device for you. Your satisfaction is much more important to us than the brand of hearing aid you select

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