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Have Tinnitus? It might be the start of hearing loss

Posted by HearStore on Jul 30th 2017

Have Tinnitus? Might Be the Start of Hearing Loss There are times, for almost no reason at all, you may hear sounds in your head. They may sound like a ringing, whistling, buzzing, crack, or bur … read more

How to Care for Your Hearing Aids

Posted by HearStore on Jul 29th 2017

How to Care for Your Hearing Aids A hearing aid is a miniature, personalized, custom-fit piece of technology that can enhance your quality of life in a number of ways. This important device also con … read more

How to Extend the Life of Hearing Aid Batteries

Posted by HearStore on Jun 14th 2017

Good working batteries are essential to a properly functioning hearing aid. The hearing aid batteries come in 4 standardized sizes: 10, 13, 312 and 675. Each number has a correlating color to make … read more

Talking to a Loved One About Hearing Loss

Posted by HearStore on Jun 14th 2017

Talking to a loved one about hearing loss can be a difficult and intimidating task. While it may be obvious to you and everyone around that your loved one is suffering from hearing loss, they li … read more

Do I need a Hearing Aid Warranty

Posted by HearStore on Jun 11th 2017

Once you decide to make an investment in hearing aids you will want to protect them and make them last. Besides regular cleanings and in-office check ups, purchasing a hearing aid warranty is a great … read more

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