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Hearing Aids that work with the Apple Watch

Posted by HearStore on Nov 1st 2017

Remember the days when talking alarm clocks and video phones on The Jetsons seemed far-fetched? Well, we don’t have flying cars – yet – but there’s no denying that in the last decade, personal elec … read more

The History of Hearing Aids

Posted by HearStore on Oct 17th 2017

Writer Arthur C. Clarke, best known for 2001: A Space Odyssey, once wrote: “Any advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This might be true of hearing aids: tiny, powerful devic … read more

Phonak launches Audeo B Direct for Android and Apple phones

Posted by HearStore on Sep 12th 2017

Phonak, a leading manufacturer of hearing aids, has recently introduced the  Audeo B Direct hearing aid. This new innovative device allows wearers to connect directly to their Apple or Andro … read more

3 Ways Hearing Aids Make You Happier

Posted by HearStore on Aug 3rd 2017

When we think about happiness, we probably imagine a special memory we shared with a loved one, laughing with friends around the dinner table, or enjoying our favorite activity. Happiness probably … read more

Most Common Injury at Work is Hearing Loss

Posted by HearStore on Jul 31st 2017

Most Common Injury at Work is Hearing LossDid you know that hearing loss is the number one most commonly reported occupational injury? According to Center for Disease Control, about 22 million workers … read more

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