The Best New Hearing Technology [MAY 2018 UPDATE]

Posted by HearStore on May 14th 2018

2018 has been a great year so far for hearing technology. Many of the hearing aid brands have launched new platforms with helpful features for hearing aid wearers. Below is a list of the best new products launched so far this year.


In February, Signia launched an update to their rechargeable lineup of hearing aids with Signia Charge & Go. The Charge & Go hearing aids are receiver-in-the-canal style hearing aids that have the latest bluetooth technology and are also rechargeable using built-in Lithium-Ion power cells.

Lithium-ion provides longer run-times compared to other rechargeable options in the industry and this combination doesn't dissapoint with up to 19 hours of use. The lithium-ion technology also provides a longer overall battery lifetime, which was a complaint for previous rechargeable battery systems (some needing to be replaced every 12-18 months).

Connectivity on the Charge & Go has also been improved, as these new hearing aids can stream audio directly from Apple (iOS) devices with the MFi (made for iPhones hearing aid standard). In order to stream directly from Android phones, you would need to use Signia's Streamline mic accessory.

In addition to rechargeability and connectivity, the latest from Signia has all of the newest audiological features in their Nx platform, including OVP (Own Voice Processing) and Ultra HD e2e. With all of these new improvements, the Signia Charge & Go hearing system is easily one of the top new hearing aids in 2018.

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Similar to the Charge & Go, the Unitron Moxi all is both rechargeable and has direct audio streaming capabilities. The biggest difference is that the Moxi all hearing devices also allow for direct streaming from Android devices, which will be a huge benefit for smartphone users that do not use Apple's iOS ( Android has actually increased it's market share lately to around 60%). Part of Unitron's Tempus platform and using their Sword 2.4GHz chip, the Moxi All hearing aids provide a number of high-end processing features. According to Unitron, these technologies help the hearing aids to process sounds quicker and more accurately than previous generations.

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Launched in May, the Widex Evoke is the latest hearing aid to come to market and the first to tout machine learning. The Evoke hearing aids learn the preferences of the user over time and adapt the hearing aid response to those preferences. In addition, Widex also compiles this data in the cloud and applies user preferences from across the globe to the new Evoke system.

According to Widex, EVOKE hearing aids have improved upon BEYOND in the following ways:

  • they provide a clearer, more natural sound than Beyond
  • they analyze the soundscape faster and prioritizes sound sources more accurately than before
  • remembers the hearing aid wearers’ listening preferences and applies them when they encounter similar environments
  • they continuously learn from the users' real-life listening experiences

HearStore customers have already weighed in with some positive reviews of the Widex Evoke.

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As you can see, 2018 has already been a big year in new hearing technology. There are more options and features out there for those looking for new hearing aids. For those interested in rechargeability and connectivity, the Moxi All and Charge & Go are two excellent options. For those interested in the machine learning and adaptation features, the Evoke hearing aids are sure to be a great choice. 

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