Stopping Hearing Aid Feedback

Posted by HearStore on Apr 4th 2017


No matter the type or price of your hearing aid you are bound to hear a whistling noise while you’re wearing them at some point. Sometimes the sound is a perfectly normal occurrence, but other times it is a sign that something else is wrong with your hearing instrument.

Hearing aid feedback, as the whistling noise is known, is caused by sounds that leave your ear and then find their way back into the microphone, where it is re-amplified causing that annoying whistle. It can happen when you put your hand up to your ear, when you’re hugging someone, or when you’re inserting or removing your hearing aid.

With some hearing aids feedback happens when an object like the back of your chair is within 3 or 4 inches of your ear. The sound is reflected off the close range object and sent back into your microphone causing the whistling disturbance.

Many newer digital instruments come with hearing aid feedback cancellers to combat the noise, but occasionally some feedback will still get through and there is very little that can be done to stop it.

Occasional hearing aid feedback is perfectly normal and you should be able to correct it by taking your hearing aid out and re-inserting it. When your aid is not sitting in your ear correctly it can allow enough room for the sounds to escape and get back to the microphone causing the feedback.

However, if you are experiencing frequent hearing aid feedback there may be something else wrong with your instrument. If you hear whistling when you move your jaw to chew or talk, or turn your head you should visit a hearing specialist.

Common causes of hearing aid feedback include excessive earwax buildup, cracked or broken tubing, poor fit, too much volume at certain frequencies or dislodged microphones. If you are experiencing feedback, contact us or reach out to your local hearing care provider. If you suspect your hearing aid needs service, you may want to consider purchasing a hearing aid repair from HearStore. 

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