What the Hearing Aid Reviews Say - The Top Hearing Aids of 2018

Posted by HearStore on Sep 11th 2018

So far, 2018 has proved to be an incredible year in hearing aid technologies. At HearStore, many of our customers choose to review the products on this site with their experience. This list of hearing aids represents some of the best devices on the market in 2018 and the ratings are based on hearing aid reviews left on HearStore (as of September 12th, 2018).

The Top 5 Hearing Aids

Phonak Audeo — 5 Stars

Some of the hottest hearing aids come from Phonak, and their Audeo series is top of the line. These devices strive to keep people with mild to severe hearing loss as active as ever, and they allow people to remain connected by utilizing the latest, innovative technologies to ensure your hearing aid can keep up with you. Their AutoSense OS, which senses your surroundings and automatically adjusts your hearing aid settings to ensure that you get the crispest hearing possible. As one user reviews, the Phonak Audeo can return sounds to you that you’d thought were long lost: “I tried many different types of hearing aids before landing on The Phonak Audeos and these are my favorite by a mile. I'm hearing sounds around the house that I haven't heard in years.”

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Signia Pure NX — 5 Stars

Signia has been an industry leader in hearing aid technology for years, in part because of their breakthrough technologies. The NX series of hearing aids is no exception. The Signia Pure NX boasts the company’s Own Voice Processing technology, which recognizes the hearing aid user’s own voice. Signia Pure NX users will no longer have to worry about how differently their voice sounds while wearing their hearing aids. The cost of the Signia Pure NX is important, too, as one user reviewed: “I tried the Signia Charge Go hearing aids after my Oticon OPN hearing aids wouldn't stay connected to my iPhone. They are definitely my favorite and I can hear much clearer.”

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Resound LiNX — 5 Stars

ReSound's LiNX was one of the first smartphone-compatible hearing aids on the market, designed specifically as a Made for iPhone aid. Their connectivity is aided by ReSound's simple and easy Smart app, which gives access to a personalized listening experience. You can adjust the volume and sound with a control panel and activate different features to adapt to different listening environments. One user attests to the ease of use by explaining, “I have the app on the phone and I do the adjustments on my phone. It is very easy to use.” Maybe most important: the app allows you track down your LiNX hearing aids in case you've lost them.

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Starkey Muse — 5 Stars

The Starkey Muse uses the company’s great, new Synergy platform that reduces feedback and a Multiflex Tinnitus program allowing you to customize comforting sounds that diminish tinnitus. The muse uses Starkey’s advanced operating system, Acuity OS. This system is able to process every sound quickly and across different (and difficult) sound environments, always providing ultra-high definition audio sure to enhance your listening enjoyment no matter where you are. Like other hearing aids in its class, the Starkey Muse boasts powerful wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity. As one user notes, the variety of options the Starkey Muse provides allows for greater connectivity across different landscapes: “So many options and volumes and modes for situations. I love being able to hear things I haven't heard in years.”

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Widex Evoke — 5 Stars

The Widex EVOKE is a hearing aid that learns and analyzes the diverse sound environments you move through, adjusting to any changes in the sound so that you receive the most natural sounds no matter where you are. It also uses the Tinnitus Masker to manage the pesky and persistent ringing, whooshing, buzzing, or clicking sounds. With Bluetooth connectivity and FM integration, the Widex Evoke is sure to be one of the best hearing aids you can find. They are, quite simply, great, as one user reviews: “It has only been 3 days, but I have been impressed!”

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The Best of the Rest

Unitron Moxi — 5 Stars

The Unitron Moxi All hearing aids allow you to directly connect to your smartphone—but unlike many hearing aid models on the market, the Unitron Moxi All is capable connecting to both Android and Apple smartphones. The device uses Unitron’s Tempus technology, allowing users to hear in complex and difficult hearing environments. It also uses the state-of-the-art processing platform, North, which reduces feedback, advanced speech recognition technology, ensuring crisp and clear conversation. It is also cost-effective: “I've been happy with these especially considering the price,” writes one user. 

Starkey Halo — 4 Stars

The Synergy Platform features also include Speech Compression (clarity and comfort). It enables wireless connectivity using their TruLink technology, which allows users to connect to Apple devices—including the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Apple watch—and to manage their settings and sound preferences using the TruLink app. This is great because you are able to push phone calls, videos, and music directly to your device. The Starkey Halo also uses technologies that reduce noise and that manage tinnitus, the annoying sounds of clicking, whirring, buzzing, and ringing that cannot be treated but that can be managed. On top of all of this, the Halo is sleek and slim, as one user notes: “It is soo [sic] tiny!! No one can tell I am wearing it, plus it is the same color as my hair.”

[UPDATE] On August 27th 2018, Starkey launched their newest product, the Starkey Livio and Starkey Livio AI hearing aids. At time of publication, we have not received a review on these new products.

Oticon OPN — 4 Stars

The Oticon OPN is powered by a Velox processor that captures the nuanced sounds and speech within your environment and also reduces noise pollution. The natural listening experience the device gives you both allows you to hone in on important sounds while also capturing the broad spectrum of sounds within the complex environments you move through. This is because OPN hearing aids rapidly process sounds using the OpenSound Navigator, which provides 360-degrees of accurate audio information, which reduces listening effort and amplifies speech recognition. This technology has an incredible effect on your hearing, as one user explains, “I am so happy with this product, it works flawlessly and have changed my daily life. Didn't know how reduced my hearing was until I started using this product.”

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