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Do I need a Hearing Aid Warranty

Posted by HearStore on Jun 11th 2017

Once you decide to make an investment in hearing aids you will want to protect them and make them last. Besides regular cleanings and in-office check ups, purchasing a hearing aid warranty is a great … read more

Built Up Earwax Can Cause Hearing Loss

Posted by HearStore on May 2nd 2017

Hearing Care Providers frequently meet patients who are having trouble hearing, but when they look in their ears they find the problem is just built up earwax. Excess earwax is one of the most common … read more

Stopping Hearing Aid Feedback

Posted by HearStore on Apr 4th 2017

STOPPING HEARING AID FEEDBACKNo matter the type or price of your hearing aid you are bound to hear a whistling noise while you’re wearing them at some point. Sometimes the sound is a perfectly normal … read more

Why are hearing aid prices so high?

Posted by HearStore on Feb 14th 2016

Why are hearing aid prices so high? If you've shopped for hearing aids recently, you've likely noticed that hearing aids can be very expensive, often retailing for $7,000 or more for a binaural set … read more

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