Acousticon PSA-2

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Acousticon PSA-2 Features

√ Matrix 115/38

√ 2 Channels WDRC.

√ Automatic Feedback Canceller.

√ Automatic Noise Reduction.

√ Volume Control.

√ Left or Right thin tube available.

√ Soft and comfortable ear adapter.

√ Suitable for combined use with cell phones.



Acousticon PSA-2 is a personal sound amplifier. It consists of an amplifier, a receiver, a microphone and an adapter to be inserted

in the ear. It is powered by a type 13 Battery and incorporates a volume control to adjust amplification to the environment.


Personal Sound Amplifiers are used to increase sound pressure level into the ear. PSA-2 product is able to remove background

noises and it is also capable to prevent disturbing howling or whistling due to feedback between receiver and microphone.

This device is not intended to compensate for a hearing loss.